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Programing: Cognitive


Cognitive development is all those things they teach in school and more. Math and science are the two that are mostly thought of. We also offer an emphasis on music and the arts. Our classrooms are set up to encourage exploration of "schemas" which are the way children learn these concepts best. Our teachers support this learning by observing, asking questions, and joining in the play. 


Math Concepts

We introduce math concepts to children by offering experiences and with items of different length, color, shapes, textures and sizes to explore and learn from. Teachers will count and use math language to enhance the child’s experience when appropriate. We provide experiences for children to practice counting, one to one correspondence, patterning, data collection and graphing, shapes and geometry, and spatial concepts.


Science Program

We offer an extensive science program where we teach children to question and experiment. Our classroom contains a variety of items to explore that teach about life science, earth science, and chemistry. As the children explore real life objects, they are able to practice using the scientific method to ask a question, make a hypothesis, and discover the answer.



We encourage exploration of the arts including dance, music, drama, and visual arts. We do this through exposure to different types of dances and musical genres. Our art and drama areas contain a variety of diverse materials to explore. We expose children to different artists and art styles.

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