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Trinity Learning Center teaches children life skills, academics, and faith through play and example. Our mission is to prepare children for life while teaching open-mindedness.

Philosophy Statement

We believe that young children, birth through age 8, learn best by leading their own play choices in an educational environment.

We believe in offering equitable learning experiences for children of many different abilities.

We believe the teacher is a researcher along with the children, which provides individual learning for the children.

We believe the community is an important part of children’s education, and children are an important part of the community.

We believe in setting up an environment that offers learning opportunities across all domains:

 Social/Emotional Development including approaches to learning

Cognitive Development including math, science, social studies, and the arts

Linguistically including language, second language and literacy development

Physical development including large and small motor development


According to “Health research recognizes a strong relationship between daily exposure to nature and healthy human development. It is therefore critical to encourage outdoor play and find ways to reconnect children to nature in the places they live.” We are so blessed to have a nature explore playground. This is such a fun place for children to explore the world around them. They will love walking on our tree stumps to creating art on our wooden tables. We believe all children should be spending time outdoors every day the weather allows.

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