Trinity Learning Center teaches children faith, life skills and academics through play and example. Our mission is to prepare children for life while teaching open-mindedness. When children leave our program for kindergarten they will be academically, spiritually and socially prepared. 

Philosophy Statement

We follow the most current research and knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices. We believe children need to develop strong relationships and trust with their caregivers and peers. TLC teachers do this through conversation, responsive care giving and encouraging social interactions. We believe children need to explore their environment. We offer real life objects as well as creating a positive environment for children to engage in pretend play while learning about the world. We believe children are beginning to create their own identity. We encourage this through teaching self-help skills and encouraging interests. We believe children are rapidly developing cognitively. TLC teachers encourage this through observation and lesson planning to scaffold the children’s learning. We believe that children are developing emotional regulatory skills. We assist children with this by helping children to identify and express their emotions. We believe young children make astonishing gains in language development during these years. We foster this by reading to all children multiple times a day and engage in descriptive conversations often. We believe children are developing physically and need the opportunity to practice using their muscles, large and small. We encourage the refining of physical skills by providing ample opportunity for outdoor free play on our nature explore playground as well as many large and small motor activities. 


According to “Health research recognizes a strong relationship between daily exposure to nature and healthy human development. It is therefore critical to encourage outdoor play and find ways to reconnect children to nature in the places they live.” We are so blessed to have a nature explore playground. This is such a fun place for children to explore the world around them. They will love walking on our tree stumps to creating art on our wooden tables. We believe all children should be spending time outdoors every day the weather allows.