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Programing: Physical Development

Physical Development

Physical development of children changes fast. They are growing and learning new skills at a rate adults only dream of. Here at TLC, we encourage movement and provide opportunities for children to explore with their whole body. 


Freedom of movement

We allow children the freedom of movement. We know that physical development starts in the core and extends outwards. With this knowledge we offer many opportunities to reach, pull, twist, and move. By building the core and basic movements children will naturally begin locomotion including crawling, walking, and climbing.

Large Motor

We will offer large motor opportunities every day, whether inside our classroom, gym, or outside, for the children to develop their large motor skills such as running, jumping, and hand eye coordination. 

Fine motor

We also advance the children’s fine motor skills. This is done through activities that encourage the use of pincer grasp such as using playdough, clay, lacing cards, and a variety or writing materials.  

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