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Programing: Social Emotional

Social Emotional Care

We offer a home like atmosphere that provides responsive care giving to all children. We investigate each child’s cries immediately and care for them in a calm relaxed manner.  We care for each child’s needs individually, and strive to learn each parent and child’s routines.  Each child in our program will be assigned a primary care giver. This is the person who will care for most of the child’s needs throughout the day.


Emotional intelligence

Each day we discuss and learn about and how to regulate emotions as they come up and during calm moments throughout the day. As children have large emotions, we first acknowledge their feelings, then help them find the words to express themselves. A few examples of how we teach emotions during calm times is through stories, using puppets, and role play.

Social Learning

We assist the children through the process of social learning by providing children with the opportunity to interact with people of many different ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Exposing children to various family roles, community jobs, and understanding the rules in the classroom begins an understanding of social studies.



Prosocial behaviors

We teach prosocial behaviors and each classroom has visual cues on conflict resolution steps.



Positive approaches to learning

We encourage positive approaches to learning by providing ample time throughout the day for child-initiated activities. We inspire children to reflect and revisit their learning. Our teachers respond to children’s curiosity, questions, struggle, discoveries, and excitement with enthusiasm and encouragement.

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