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Programing: Language and Literacy

Language and Literacy

Language is all around us. We speak, read, and sing to children the moment they start with us. We encourage children and adults to communicate with each other using many different ways including speaking, sign, facial expressions, and home languages. We encourage literacy by focusing on those skills that come first such as visual tracking, stability and more. 


Language rich atmosphere

We include a language rich atmosphere for all children. Teachers read high quality books, and describe what is going on in our room to all children daily. We also sing to and hold reciprocal “conversations” in each child’s home language using eye contact with each child, as culturally appropriate, daily to encourage each learner’s language development.

second language and prewriting skills

We enhance language and literacy in children through offering experiences that involve speaking, listening, phonological awareness, pre reading and writing skills. We introduce second languages including, but not limited to sign language and Spanish. We offer many opportunities for children to practice their language development while interacting and playing with their friends.

writing skills

We develop writing skills through the building of fine motor skills including throwing, playdough, clay, vertical drawing, painting, and offering many different writing tools.

Book Knowledge

We encourage book knowledge and appreciation by offering a variety of high-quality books including picture books, multicultural, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry books. Teachers and children will read multiple times a day both individually and in a group.

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