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Childcare with a Difference

- Curriculum based on children’s interests and development

- Academics, social skills and faith taught daily

- Classroom environments set up for ease of use and defined areas

- Nature playground for children to explore

- Nutritious home cooked meals

Who are we?

We are a center that follows the research. We review the National Association for the education of the young child, and the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines regularly. We follow the Reggio Emelia approach to care when implementing these. Reggio Emelia is a city that began using a student centered, self guided approach to teaching. Some philosophies we follow are:

  • Children's learning is based on their interests. We try to watch the "verb" of what the children are doing. Are they lining up items, are they working on trajectory, are they enclosing themselves or objects? 

  • Teachers and parents are co-learners in the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. We teach to the children's interests, which means we are not experts in what they want to know, but we involve them in the process of finding out!

  • The classroom environment is a “third teacher". We change and set up the environment to meet the needs of the children. Changing it based on the children's interests. Like children who are not the same, no two spaces will look the same at our center. 

  • Children's learning progress is documented. Our teachers document the children's learning through an app where you get real time pictures as well as through observations and books. 

Come Join Us!

We are excited to offer a multi age learn through play center for the children of Ralston and the Omaha surrounding areas. With easy access to the I-80 interstate any family can take advantage of this great facility. 

About our classrooms

Each classroom has 4 infants, and 6 toddler/preschoolers with two teacher assigned to each classroom. We focus on creating relationships with the children and families to provide the best care possible to each child. The classrooms run as a family with the children directly helping to create the culture of the room. 

About the Nature Playground

According to “Health research recognizes a strong relationship between daily exposure to nature and healthy human development." We spend as much time on our playground as we can. You will not see large play equipment, mostly loose parts and nature for the children to explore.

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